Summon and BrowZine Integration

The eagle-eyed among you may have already spotted we have a few new links appearing within some of our article results in Summon: ‘Download Now’ and ‘Browse Now’:

This is the result of an update we’ve made to integrate the BrowZine service into Summon which gives us the ability to provide direct access to article pdfs as well as the option to explore the journal further by browsing the complete issue.

These links won’t appear alongside every article in Summon as BrowZine requires a DOI to generate these links and in some cases the publishers don’t provide this information.

What’s BrowZine?

BrowZine allows you to browse the library’s ejournals on virtual shelves. Easily discover, read and monitor the key journals in your field online or via an app on your tablet or phone.

Summon goes mobile

We’re pleased to announced that Summon 2.0 has now been optimised for mobile devices, tablets and smartphones.

As a quick guide, here are some screenshots from an iPhone in portrait mode, starting with some search results:


Clicking on the button to the left of the search box brings up the refining options:



This icon next to each results brings up more details, which could include an abstract or a table of contents:



For books in the library, you’ll see the availability information, along with extra details in the other tabs:




If you have any feedback or comments, you can either leave them here or drop an email to

Further details are available on the ProQuest web site.

Summon upgrade on 12/Sep/2013

We’ll be upgrading Summon during Thursday and Friday this week (12th-13th September). An overview of the new version of Summon is available here.

We’re not anticipating too much disruption to the service during the upgrade, but please be aware there may be short periods where Summon is unavailable and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience this causes you.

The new version of Summon will replace the library catalogue (

Once the upgrade has been fully tested, we’ll begin work on decommissioning the old library catalogue prior to the start of term.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them here or contact

If you are using an old web browser, you may need to upgrade (more details)

Summon 2.0 – browser support

We’ll shortly being launching the new version of Summon (see here for more details).

The new interface makes use of the latest web standards and has limited support for legacy web browsers. If you’re using Internet Explorer 7 or below, we’d encourage you to upgrade to the latest version:

  • If you’re using Windows XP, you can upgrade to Internet Explorer 8
  • If you’re using a newer release of Windows, you should be able to upgrade to Internet Explorer 10

Alternatively, recent releases of Firefox, Safari and Chrome will work fine with the new version of Summon.

Overview of the new library pages

A new set of library pages have just been launched at and we hope you’ll find them an improvement!

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave or comment or send an email to

Here’s a quick guide to what’s new…

Summon home page


Based on student feedback, the new home page brings together a selection of information and resources, including opening hours, links to library subject guides, library news and access to your library account…

main page
main page

The new pages have also been designed to work well on mobile devices…

main page on a mobile phone
main page on a mobile phone

Your library account


You can now access your library account using your normal university network login details. Once you are logged in, you can easily renew items currently on loan to you…

items on loan
items on loan

…see details of items that you’ve requested…

requested items
requested items

…and details of any outstanding fines…

library fines
library fines

Reading lists

For students, you can access all of your readings lists in one place. As well as links to reading lists for the current academic year, there are links to reading lists for modules you took in previous years and details of any recent changes…

reading lists for the current academic year
reading lists for the current academic year
recent changes to your reading lists
recent changes to your reading lists

Loan history

The “history” page provides you with details of items you’ve borrowed previously…

loan history
loan history


If you have more than one library account, you can link them to your university network login…

settings page
settings page

Requesting a book

You can request a book from within Summon when all the available copies are currently out on loan. Firstly, make sure you are logged into Summon and then click on the “place a request” option…

request an unavailable item
request an unavailable item

Upgrade to Summon (completed)

We’re expecting there will be an upgrade to Summon later on today and this may cause a disruption to the service.

The primary benefit we’ll see from the upgrade is improved article level linking to content from the following publishers:
– BMJ Publishing
– Cambridge University Press
– Ebrary
– Elsevier
– Emerald
– HighWire Press
– Mintel Group
– Oxford University Press
– ProQuest
– Sage Publications
– Springer-Verlag
– Wiley-Blackwell

In particular, the upgrade should resolve the problems we’ve been experiencing with ProQuest Newsstand.

UPDATE: 16/Nov/2011, 10pm

There were a few post-upgrade glitches with access to articles on the ProQuest platform, but these have now been resolved.

Summon — finding print books & ebooks

The method for locating ebooks (which are books you can read online in your web browser) in Summon has just been tweaked to make it the same as you use for locating online journal articles…

Finding Books

To filter your search results so that they only contain books, tick the “Book / eBook” facet…

…your results will now include print books (which you can borrow from the library) and ebooks (which you can read online).

Print books have a link through to a page showing more detailed information…

Electronic books have an orange “online” badge on them…

If we have both print and electronic, you’ll see separate links to both…

Finding just ebooks

If you’re not bothered about prints books and you just want to see which books you can read online, tick the “Full Text Online” facet…

Finding just print books

If you’re not bothered about ebooks and you just want to see what print books we have in the library, tick the “Items in the Library” facet…

Saving PDFs

We’ve had a few complaints recently that Summon doesn’t allow you save PDF files. This isn’t actually anything to do with Summon, but seems to be a recent change Adobe has introduced in their Acrobat Reader software.

If you find that the “save” icon is greyed out in the Acrobat toolbar…

…select “File”, “Save As” and “PDF”…

Alternatively, if the PDF has opened within a web browser window, hover your mouse near the foot of the PDF window to display a toolbar and then select the “save a copy” icon…

According to Adobe Support, the “save” icon only becomes active once a user has made changes to the PDF document. However, as the vast majority of full-text journal articles don’t allow you to alter the PDF, the icon remains inactive.

Summon: book glitches (resolved)

We’re experiencing a couple of glitches with books and ebooks on Summon at the moment. Serials Solutions is aware of the problems and is working to resolve them.

Firstly, selecting the “eBook” content type returns both ebooks and some print books. A temporary fix is to also select the “Items with full text online” option.

Secondly, sorting books by “Date (newest)” or “Date (oldest)” isn’t working correctly.