ONIX-PL, JISC Collections and 360 Resource Manager

Over the past few weeks we have been adding our data and licences to KB+ – and blogging about our experiences. Our thoughts are now turning to how we get the data into both KB+ and 360 Resource Manager, ideally we only want to load the data once.  This is not such a big deal for the actual holdings – actually we plan to load some of the information into KB+ and some into 360 Resource Manager and import between the two in order to get the most efficient workflow – but that is a whole new blogpost…

A stumbling block in getting our head around the best way to test and use the two systems has been the way we go about adding licences. We are loading them into KB+ to add to the ones already there, but how do we get those into 360 Resource Manager?

Our partners in the HIKE project, JISC Collections, have been working hard in recent years to create ONIX-PL expressions of licences for e-journals, databases and archives.

ONIX-PL was developed with the needs of the academic library community in mind, since it was hoped that library and ERM systems vendors would adopt the standard as a way of improving the provision of licence information available through their products and services.

JISC Collections also recently developed the JISC Electronic Licence Comparison and Analysis Tool (elcat), which includes all of the 170 past and present licences that were created in ONIX-PL and makes them available for review, comparison and download. We blogged about a possible extension to this last week.

The trouble was that JISC Collections were way ahead of the game and the ERM systems couldn’t receive the licences in the ONIX-PL format.

So we are delighted that JISC Collections today announced that after a great deal of work with Serials Solutions to map ONIX-PL licence expressions to 360 Resource Manager, all JISC Collections licence agreements will be put to the use they were originally intended for – populating an ERM and allowing us to access the data where we need it!

We are now looking forward to testing this as part of the HIKE project.

Lorraine Estelle, CEO of JISC Collections states, “This is an important milestone for our work with ONIX-PL. We have always felt that the full value of ONIX-PL will only be realised once it has been adopted by a significant number of publishers and systems vendors. We hope that the work undertaken by Serials Solutions will act as a spur to other systems vendors and publishers to work with us to adopt this standard and include high quality licence information in their products.”

Mark Bide, Executive Director of EDItEUR, added “with the inclusion of JISC Collections licence data in 360 Resource Manager, we are starting to see the potential of ONIX-PL to improve the availability and quality of licence information throughout the supply chain. As EDItEUR begins a review of ONIX-PL we look forward to working with JISC Collections, academic libraries, publishers and systems vendors to build on this work and improve the usability of ONIX-PL.”

Thanks to Liam Earney for permission to re-hash his press release!

For further information about:

Serials Solutions and 360 Resource Manager go to //www.serialssolutions.com

JISC elcat go to //www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/Librarian-Tools/ElCat

Knowledge Base+ go to //www.kbplus.ac.uk

EDItEUR go to //www.editeur.org/2/About/