Reporting back!

After a busy month of disseminating our findings from the project at conferences and taking note of the ideas and feedback delegates had to offer, we thought it would useful to report back via the blog to stimulate further thoughts from you!

Briony and I presented at the National Acquisitions Group annual conference which was held at York on 4th and 5th September and at the Northern Collaboration conference on 13th September at the University of Huddersfield. In both sessions we started by presenting an overview of the project – the presentation for both these conferences can be found here.

We then split the delegates into groups and encouraged discussions around identifying pressure points in current workflows and considering how interoperability with other systems and co-operation with suppliers could create efficiencies. At the NAG conference we also had time for the groups to have a discussion about cultural change, we asked the delegates to think about the sorts of concerns staff might have concerning the implementation of a new library services platform, and to come up with different ways to manage these concerns.

Here are their thoughts:

Northern Collaboration - one group considered all the systems that would need to be intergrated with a new system-1 Northern Collaboration - one group looked at the challenges that must be considered when choosing and implementing a new system - 1 Northern Collaboration - one group list all the systems they felt a new library services platform would need to link with Northern Collaboration - one group considered which system interoperability was essential and preferable NAG - one group looked at the concerns staff might have when change from the LMS -1 Northern Collaboration - one group considered the systems were they though interoperability was essential - 1 NAG - thoughts on lack of interoperability 1 NAG - one group focused on cultural change and how to deal with it - 1 NAG - thoughts from one group on interoperability and cultural change - 1